Special deals from Facelogic Spa
This month we’re all about the Jet Peel.
We’re offering our Jet Peel treatment with an LED light therapy treatment
with the signature facial for $119 (Save $50 off the menu price!)
The Jet Peel delivers a deep clean using a pressurized saline solution to power wash debris from pores
and leaves you with a squeaky clean face. It also purges impurities from the skin for a healthier complexion.
The LED light therapy treatment treats a variety of skin conditions, talk with your
skin therapist about your concerns to pick the perfect treatment for you.
50% our Eminence Artic Berry Peel & Peptide Illumination System
MSRP $135 you pay $67.50
Plus a free surprise bag filled with body products!
Offer Expires: November 30th