Microcurrent Facials

The WISHPro microcurrent system combines proven technologies with advanced cosmetic formulations to achieve the immediate unprecedented results that customers demand. The WISHPro defeats microcurrent system defeats the cycle of aging using a multi-application approach which combines advanced technologies and specialized cosmetic formulations to kicks start your skins own healing processes paving the way to younger, firmer, healthier skin.

There are four different Technology Head targets on different problems of the face. Each Technology Head delivers as in demand technology which works in the unison with the treatment capsules to provide excellent results.

  • The Anti Aging Technology Head employs 500µA of micro-current energy to treat the skin on multiple level.
  • For Rejuvenation the WISHPro incorporates Phototherapy that works on multiple levels to rejuvenate aging skin.
  • The WISHPro also a Magnetic head techology head uses a double action method to increase blood circulation. Increasing blood circulation brings more nutrient to the skin cells and aides lymphatic drainage.
  • Finally, the WISHPro utilizes a 420nm Blue light LED to calm irritated skin and kill P.acne bacteria.

The WISHPro utilizes the treatment heads along with single use treatment capsules which contain specially formulated cosmetics designed to maximize the technology benefits of the WISHPro system. The treatment capsules are divided into two types which contain 4 capsules each.

Natural Line

  • Anti-Aging – Utilizes pure Jojoba oil which has chemical composition that closely resembles that of our skin’s natural sebum which contains 25%-40% wax esters that act as a natural moisturizer and barrier of the skin. Jojoba’s similar chemical structure makes it an ideal candidate to replenish moisture and serve as added barrier against the elements. Non-allergenic, non comedogenic, microbially resistant jojoba oil is easily absorbed without causing reactions, even in those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • Rejuvenation Serum – Contains Shea Butter which is rich in essential fatty acids which helps our skin form its natural lipid barrier.Shea butter penetrates deep into the skin rejuvenating damaged cells and restoring elasticity and tone.Shea oil has been used for centuries for its unsurpassed ability to protect and regenerate the skin.
  • Peel Exfoliator – Incorporates Sweet Almond Oil which is a very stable natural emollient, which serves as an excellent vehicle for the exfoliation particles in Peel Exfoliator Capsules. The Peel Exfoilator uses perfectly round siliconescrub agent to gently abrade and remove the dead cells. These perfectly round particles are able to peel off the outer layer of dead skin cells without the danger of infecting the deeper layers.
  • Calming Milk – The calming milk capsule utlilizes Calendula Oil which has tiseptic,anti fungal,anti-imflammatory, and anti bacterial properties for making it great for treating skin infections.The soothing and mild aspects of calendula oil make it the preferred option for people with dry or chapped skin.the mildness of calendula oil also makes it a good treatment for burns,skin rashes,inflammation and wounds.

Infusion Line

  • Hyaluronic Infusion – Hyaluronic Acid is naturally made by the body as a primary component of the extracellular matrix.It acts as a “glue” which holds the skin together and keeps it looking firm.Hyaluronic Acid can also holds water which used to keep skin cells hydrated. The Hyaluronic Infusion Capsules contains Witch Hazel a powerful astringment that cause the collagen matrix to firm and tighten.Witch Hazel also helps thge skin to fight off infection.
  • Collagen Infusion – Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that in the skin helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells. Collagen is vital for skin elasticity. The collagen infusion capsules helps stimulate natural collagen production.
  • BTX Infusion – Contains Acetyl Hexapeptide-8(Argireline) which is a peptide specially engineered as atopical treatment that mimics the effect of BOTOX in the skin without any side effects. Argireline works by modulating muscle contraction to inhibit the production of wrinkles.
  • Lightening Peel (Coming Soon)

The WISHPro can be added to any of facials as an upgrade. $35 Members $40 Guests

Our lead skincare therapist has also designed some custom facials for Acne, Anti-Aging, or Rejuvenation which are $109 Members and $129 Guests.