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Make Luxury Skin Treatments Even More Affordable

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It’s not just a luxury anymore!

Radient, healthy, younger-looking and vibrant skin is an essential.

Today, it’s just as important as any other health or beauty treatment that we experience. Here’s a thought: You go to the salon regularly to take care of your hair, so why don’t you treat your skin the same way?

The answer has always been that day spa facials and luxury skin treatments were just too expensive!

Treatments that work combine cutting edge products and technique with expert consultation and long-term application of treatment.

Yes, you can experience amazing benefits with just one facial—but the real benefit comes from a regularly scheduled regimen designed to improve your complexion and revitalize your skin over time.

And, if you go to any other day spa, that type of treatment isn’t something that you can afford.


Don’t Just “Treat Yourself.”
Experience The POWER Of Long-Term Skin Treatments!

You don’t have to “treat yourself” anymore.

You don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars on a single facial treatment at an expensive luxury spa.

Frisco’s very own Facelogic Spa offers a unique membership plan—discounts like nothing else you’ve ever seen on luxury facial treatments that come in membership packages.

It’s a simple concept really
—For maximum benefit, you need regular treatments. Ask any skin care consultant (even our professionals if you’ve already had your first visit) and they will tell you that a scheduled, regular treatment program that’s cohesively designed over the long term is the BEST way to get healthy looking and radiant skin.

So, what we did, was make the treatments you need more affordable.

No other day spa in the Frisco area offers this type of personalized membership service.

We combine professional consultation and recommendations with a personalized treatment regimen that’s implemented over several months. Your regular treatments provide benefits that combine over time, to give you the best skin that you’ve ever experienced.


A Facelogic Spa Membership Is The EASIEST Way To Save Money On Routine Skin Care – And Special Occasion Treatments!

Sign up for a membership today and get valuable “me time” as well as the long-term benefits of regular skin care.

Members get an up to 30% discount on all facial services.

Additionally, as a member, you receive a 15% discount on all of our signature products.

So far, hundreds of members just like you have saved $1,000s each year on skin care treatments and products.

Routine facial treatments are no different than going to the salon every month—the only real difference is that Facelogic Spa membership is actually less expensive than getting your hair done! Think about it. How much did you pay for your last salon visit?


It’s Time To Get Personal.
We Create CUSTOM Long-Term Treatment Plans For Each Of Our Facelogic Spa Members. !


    • It Starts With Consulting– All of our facial packages come with consulting, however, as a member, our skin care experts will help you determine your long-term skin care goals. Most facial treatments are a “special” one time luxury that you don’t experience every month, that’s why skin care experts usually only focus on the short term. With long-term treatment, you can let your skin care goals soar!
    • We Build Your Program– – We’ll work with you to build a targeted long-term skin care program designed to meet your needs and reach your goals. You’ll schedule month to month treatments that will utilize different products, techniques, and treatment options to craft your ideal skin care program.
    • Your Exclusive Benefits– – Get exclusive access to member-only information, upgrade services, treatments, and cosmetic lessons and experience the benefits of working long-term with your own personal skin care consultant. It’s not just about the spa either, Facelogic Spa membership will give you the knowledge you need to maintain your skin between treatments!
    • Discount Member Pricing– – Enjoy up to 30% off facial treatments, 15% off retail products, and exclusive members-only pricing on brow designs, waxing, and upgrade treatments.
    • Experience Amazing Results– – Over the course of your membership.


Here’s What Your Facelogic Spa Membership Includes:



      • One facial per month
      • Member discounts on skincare services, upgrade treatments and cosmetic lessons
      • Member discounts on brow designs and waxing
      • Comprehensive skincare plan
      • Ongoing skincare consultation and education
      • Professional, knowledgeable and experienced skin care therapists
      • Convenient hours with standing appointments to work with your busy schedule
      • 15% Off all retail products except Clarisonic’s which are discounted 10%


Membership Pricing Information


Signature Memberships are $59 a month and include facials with our signature Facelogic Spa Products.

Elite Memberships are $89 a month and include your choice facials from our line of Elite products which includes GloTherapeutics, Eminence Organic, and Image International.

Premiere Memberships are $119 a month. This new membership offering includes everything in the Elite facial package plus a microdermabrasion upgrade, a custom eye treatment, and a Decollete.

We simply draft your credit card each month on the same day you sign up for the membership. No fees to sign up or cancel. Please give us 30 days notice for cancellation.

Facial Package Memberships are also available. If you can’t make it every month, you can still purchase a set of facial packages and enjoy member level pricing and membership benefits. Please consult pricing below:

  • Signature Membership Packages
  • 3 for $162
  • 6 for 295
  • 12 for 649
  • Elite Membership Packages
  • 3 for $252
  • 6 for 445
  • 12 for 849
  • Premiere Membership Packages
  • 3 for $342
  • 6 for $59
  • 12 for $1149

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